Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master

The Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watch is designed to meet the needs of professional mariners. This regatta chronograph is equipped with the world's first mechanical memory preset countdown function, allowing the seafarer to accurately know the starting time in the crucial start of the game.

The yacht's 60-minute stereo label bi-directional rotating outer ring is made of black ceramic, 18ct gold or 950 platinum. The matte matte outer ring makes the polishing figures and scales very prominent, and it is convenient for the wearer to calculate the time. For example, the time to calculate the distance between the two buoys by the sailboat, etc., this functional and characteristic outer ring shaped the watch. The outstanding personality. The balance wheel is the guardian of the mechanical watch. The balance spring of a balance wheel is made of a ferromagnetic alloy and it is difficult to resist magnetic interference, temperature change, and impact intrusion, which affects the accuracy of the watch.

The Replica Ladies Rolex Yacht-Master Watch will make you feel stylish, elegant and sporty. This is a watch made exclusively by Ms. Stomach, you deserve to have

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